Healthy Mind with Positive Thinking Exercise

Our thoughts pave the way we live life. 
The Power of Positive Thinking

Try this 30 Day Positive Thinking Exercise

I find this Positive Thinking Exercise an excellent and successful activity in my daily life and work.

Try the following for the next 30 days and I'm sure you'll witness your life improving incredibly.

Make sure you're in a place where you will get no interruptions, a spot where you can get peace for at least 20 minutes just to spend time with your own thoughts.

Of course, it can be longer than 20 minutes. I would recommend that it is a minimum of 20 minutes though. Otherwise you won't induce the feelings of calm and serenity that you require.

This positive thinking exercise works best at the latter part of the day after all your tasks have been done.

Lie down if you prefer, on your bed perhaps or sit in your favourite chair or in your garden, it's up to you. Just get yourself into the most relaxed state you can.

Now close your eyes and think of a memory of a place or situation that made you feel really happy.

It might take time if you have a stressful life or if you've become quite negative generally. We tend to forget the good things at times, but just try to get yourself into a calm frame of mind all the same.

Just breathe evenly and absorb these inner happy thoughts and feelings, feel gratitude for being able to have had this experience.

Appreciate how lucky you were and how unique it is to you.

Smile to yourself while you're doing this (go on - no one's looking!). I find this helps to encourage the feel good hormones out and makes it easier to connect and remember a particularly joyful moment.

Don't worry if you become emotional, this is perfectly normal. Just let whatever feelings you experience come out naturally.

Just appreciate the moment, the warm feeling of contentedness and security and begin to take longer, deeper breaths.

Just relax, after a while you'll start to feel a lot calmer and content and don't worry if you fall asleep. I've done that many times!

When you've finished, make a mental note of the activity, I prefer to write it down and keep it in a personal, private place; but do whatever it is that normally jogs your memory.

This is the starting point of the 30 day positive thinking exercise.

For the next 30 days try and remember that you did this activity. I'm not asking you to do it everyday, although this would be excellent if you could, but it's not entirely necessary for success.

Now, as you go about your daily business and begin to feel yourself being plagued by those negative thoughts or feelings of unworthiness, you go back to that situation of recalling that past happy experience AND of you quietly sitting in your own private place.

It works much better this way as the latter experience is fresher in the mind, it wasn't years ago, it just happened the other day!

It was an experience of peace, happiness and calm that you had just recently! It was an occurrence that is unique to you. Only you know about it, nobody can take it away from you and nobody can undermine its significance.

Hold onto this, this is where you begin to learn to train your mind into a more positive state in the long term.

If you have trouble remembering, or you feel very negative and can't snap out of it, just repeat the 20 minute day 1 exercise.

Go back to the same place and get yourself into that peaceful and restful state again and carry on as normal.

Try this positive thinking exercise for 30 days and see if you begin to attract better situations into your life, it works for me.

I try to do this constantly now and I sincerely believe that my life has improved, not just slightly, but many times over.

Our minds are very powerful and exert tremendous influence over our state of well-being.

Beginning with this positive thinking exercise is the first step in learning how to control that same mind and use it to create benefit in your life and to those around you.

You are no use to anybody if you're not one hundred percent happy and content yourself.

By: Anthony Docherty
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  1. I might give it a try. As a rather negative person I need some positivity in my life. Nice post!

  2. Tim, positive thinking will definitely work for you. Go ahead, try it.

  3. I'd like to try this one. I really believe positive thinking can help you.

  4. Wayne, Positive Thinking can be contagious. You can spread it to those around you. So, Positive Thinking not only help us but others as well.

  5. It has been really hard for me to think positive. I go through my day thinking about my problems and being depressed. I tried to think positively the the negatives keeps creeping in. I tried many things. I really hope this 20 min exercise will help me.

  6. Dear Anonymous, have you started with the 30 Day Positive Thinking Exercise above?
    Focus on the positive.