Spider Curls for Building Big Biceps

The spider curl is an isolation exercise that targets your biceps. You build strength as you pull against an E-Z curl bar while leaning against a preacher bench. Beginners can add this to their training routine without any difficulty.

Start by doing your stretches and warm-ups. Load plates on an E-Z curl bar that will give you a good and challenging workout without causing undue strain on your muscles. Place the E-Z curl bar on the seat of the preacher bench. Make sure that the barbell is carefully balanced so it will not fall off the bench. Stand in front of the bench where you would normally perform your exercise. Lean on the pad with your torso and stomach pressed straight on the pad for balance and support. Secure your feet shoulder’s breadth apart and place your arms on the other side of preacher bench. Grab the E-Z curl bar with your arms facing up. Your arms should be fully stretched and resting on the pads of the preacher bench. Keep this as your starting position.

Exhale as you slowly lift the barbell upwards. Further isolate the contraction in your biceps by keeping your upper arms and torso stationary. Keep on lifting the barbell until it reaches up to shoulder level. Hold the position for a second, never releasing the tension in your biceps. Inhale as you slowly lower your arms to starting position, never releasing the tension of your muscles.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps and sets.

Authored by Douglas Parker of the Insanity Workout Place. Home of Insanity Shaun T's best full body workout.

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