Fat-burning food to boost your life!

Take your diet to the next level with these diet-friendly foods and beverages. The following 10 foods will stoke your metabolic fire and help you burn calories faster. So the next time you are shopping for groceries, make sure these are on your list.

Ten fat-burning foods that will boost your life!

The grapefruit diet is not a myth. Researchers at Scripps Clinic in the United States found that participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal in a 12-week period lost an average of 3.6 pounds. The study indicates that the unique chemical properties in this vitamin C-packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes weight loss.
However, if you are taking medication, do check with your doctor about any potentially adverse interactions with grapefruit.

Lean Turkey
Rev up your fat-burning engine with this body-builders' favourite. Studies have shown that protein can help boost your metabolism and build lean muscle tissue so that you burn more calories. A three-ounce serving of boneless, skinless lean turkey breast has 120 calories, 26 grams of protein and only one gram of fat.

This heart-healthy favourite is great because it is a good source of cholesterol-fighting, fat-soluble fibre that keeps you full and gives you the energy you need to make the most of your workouts. Be sure to choose steel-cut or rolled oats, not instant oatmeal, to get your full dose of nutrients.

Study after study links calcium and weight loss. Broccoli is not only high in calcium but it is also loaded with vitamin C, which boosts calcium absorption.
This member of the nutritious cabbage family also has plenty of vitamin A, folate and fibre.   Plus, it contains powerful phytochemicals that protect against diseases.

Green Tea
Studies show that green tea extract boosts metabolism and may aid in weight loss.
This mood-enhancing tea has also been reported to contain anti-cancer properties and help prevent heart disease. It is also a trendy drink among weight-conscious celebrities.

Eat less and burn fat faster by having a bowl of soup. According to a Penn State University study, soup is a super appetite suppressant because it is made up of a hunger-satisfying combination of liquids and solids.

In the study, women were given the choice of one of three 270-calories snacks before eating lunch. Women who had chicken and rice soup as a snack consumed an average of 100 fewer calories than those in the study who opted for a chicken and rice casserole or the casserole and a glass of water.

Low-fat Yogurt
Dairy products can boost weight-loss efforts, according to a study in Obesity Research. People on a reduced-calorie diet who included three to four servings of dairy foods lost significantly more weight than those who ate a low-dairy diet containing the same number of calories.
Low-fat yogurt is a rich source of weight-loss-friendly calcium, providing about 450 milligrams (about half the recommended daily allowance for women ages 19-50) per eight-ounce serving, as well as 12 grams of protein.

Apples and Pears
Overweight women who ate the equivalent of three small apples or pears a day lost more weight on a low-calorie diet than women who did not. according to State University of Rio de Janeiro researchers. So, next time you need to satisfy a sugar craving, reach for this high-fibre snack. You will feel full longer and eat less.

Hot Peppers
Eating hot peppers can speed up your metabolism and cool your cravings, researchers at Laval University in Canada found.
Here is why - capsaicin (a chemical found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers) temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolism.

A recent study seems to indicate that drinking water actually speeds up weight loss. Researchers in Germany found that subjects of the study increased their metabolic rates (the rate at which calories are burned) by 30 percent after drinking approximately 17 ounces of water.

Water is also a natural appetite suppressant that banishes bloat as it flushes out sodium and toxins. Drinking enough water will also help keep you from mistaking thirst for hunger. So drink up!


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